Blackfish - Full Documentary

Parents need to know that Blackfish is a documentary about captive whales that perform at theme parks and sometimes attack and kill humans.

The movie claims that whales in the wild are generally peaceful, intelligent, and emotional creatures and that their treatment at the hands of corporate theme parks possibly created anxiety and frustration that led to the attacks.

It contains some disturbing imagery, including wounded whales, some real blood (from both whales and humans), and video footage of actual attacks. More violence is verbally described but not shown. There is frank discussion of the breeding of whales, including a shot of what could be a whale's penis.

The movie contains some occasional strong language, including one use of "s--t" and some uses of "damn" and "hell." SeaWorld ads are shown, and some of their products (stuffed toys whales) are shown. It's not for young kids, and it can be disturbing, but this is a powerful, effective documentary for teens and up.

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Hot Girls Wanted - Full Documentary

After taking Sundance by storm, "Hot Girls Wanted," Ronna Gradus and Jill Bauer's intimate exposition of young pornography performers, has been attracting audiences nationwide via its release on Netflix.

The documentary, which has been playing on the streaming site since May, won strong reviews from publications such as Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, and it has drawn attention for its frank profiling of the current pornography industry and its (very) young participants.

Back in April, Gradus and Bauer participated in a roundtable panel where they discussed the making of the film and what they hope it achieves. It's an illuminating, fascinating conversation about the technological age and, more broadly, the world we live in today. Read on below to see 7 of the discussion's biggest reveals:

They were surprised by the backgrounds of their subjects.According to Gradus, "If anyone were to confiscate our computers they would probably be like, 'These dirty girls!' You see that on all of these sites there are seemingly thousands of girls. We've always been aware of that. Who are they? There’s so many of them. Then, when we got into this house, it seemed like this recruiter posts ads on Craigslist. Then small town girls, who want to get out of their towns, graduate high school, go on to Craigslist, click on these ads and then they get a free plane ticket to Miami. A week later, they are on a porn set.""We thought to ourselves, 'Wait a minute, this can't actually be happening because if this were really the story, that thousands of girls are doing this, it would have been told by now.' It turned out that it really had not been told and we just thought, 'Whoa!

This is the story.' We put the boy version of 'Sexy Baby' on the back-burner and ran with this one."Premiering the film at Sundance allowed them to make necessary changes."We had the great benefit of watching the film five times at Sundance and three times in Miami on a big screen," said Bauer. "The same things drove us crazy every time.

For Sundance, you rush for the edit, music and everything. It just drives you crazy. You rush, rush, rush."After watching the film with an audience and listening to people's comments in festival Q&As, the duo made one major change. "We clarified cards," continued Bauer. "In the first version for Sundance, we did these cultural montages. We always thought they were excessive. People didn’t need to be hit over the head to know there is a world out there, a sexualized culture. People didn’t have to see it all over the place. We pared that down and it's really just in the intro. The ending always felt like a two-ending film. We made that tighter. The music is better. It's much better. We actually love this version."

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Most Disgusting Female Prison In the world - Ful Documentary

Prisons and jails house over 2 million people in America. However bleak and undesirable the conditions of prisons are likely to be, they are, in fact, home to the people who live there.

 I had this experience in mind when I read about the women in Alabama’s Julia Tutwiler Prison last week. On January 17 the Department of Justice sent a letter to the governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley, declaring the conditions observed at the prison during a four-day investigation last April unconstitutional. The federal investigation — prompted by the findings of an Alabama NGO — found rampant occurrence of rape, sexual assault, intimidation, humiliation, and voyeurism in the women’s prison. The 954 women held at Tutwiler had no corner of safety from the roving prison guards, one-third of whom have a standing allegation of some sort of sexual misconduct. These crimes recurred in a place where nothing is hidden, and yet there is no accountability.

After interviewing dozens of women and reading 233 letters of complaint submitted by the women, the Justice Department found that the prison staff regularly rapes, sodomizes and fondles the women. When women shower, the guards are watching; when women return from a day out at a technical training school, the guards require strip and cavity searches upon their return. Explicit sexual verbal abuse is directed at the women unceasingly.
The Justice Department’s 36-page letter declared that if the state does not take immediate action to address its failure to protect the women at Tutwiler, the Attorney General would pursue legal recourse.
The Department of Justice has found conditions at Tutwiler unconstitutional before — 18 years ago. Though the investigation at that time scrutinized the poor provisions of medical and healthcare, it also discovered prison guards rewarding inmates who had sex with them with food, cosmetics and money. The Alabama Department of Corrections did nothing to rectify the conditions.
Nor did it do anything in 2007, when the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics found that women in Tutwiler experience the highest rate of sexual assaults in the nation. Following the state’s apathetic response to the findings, the rate of assault accelerated, as BJS’s statistics updated in 2013 reveal.
Equal Justice Initiative, based in Montgomery, is Alabama’s main recourse for legal defense for the indigent and has been leading the call for genuine reform in the state’s prisons. In 2010, a federal judge appointed EJI to investigate Tutwiler after one woman became pregnant after being raped and sodomized by a guard.
EJI’s investigation found that only six guards had ever faced disciplinary action between 2009 and 2011, in large part due to the Alabama Department of Corrections withholding or inaccurately reporting the complaints it receives. Four of the men spent no time in jail; the fifth man spent a day in jail.
The sixth, the guard who raped and impregnated the woman, was sentenced to six months in jail. The woman carried the baby to term and gave birth in prison, where she remains today, serving out the remainder of her 20-year sentence for acting as an accessory to robbery.
Charlotte Morrison, an attorney with EJI and part of the team assigned to investigate Tutwiler, says she and EJI have watched the ADOC fail to hold offending officers accountable. What they see instead are women punished for reporting misconduct. “The warden at Tutwiler places women in segregated units, where they are treated like they have broken the rules and are being punished, unable to communicate with their family, access the yard or store.”

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Norskov [Sæson 1] Tv2 Serie fra 2015

Norskov er en industriby i det nordlige Danmark. Den er rå og usentimental, og krisen har sat sit præg, men her er også masser af fællesskab og handlekraft. Men byens unge lever fra fest til fest, narkoforbruget er stigende og da en 15-årig pige findes i koma uden for hockeyarenaen kommer det til at sætte sine spor i en lang række af byens borgere - ikke mindst politikommisæren Tom Noack, der vender hjem og må konfrontere en svær fortid.

Afsnit 1 Norskov er en by, der kæmper for sin fremtid. Borgmester Martin Kierkegaard er tæt på at realisere sin visionære drøm om en klimahavn, der skal bringe Norskov ud af krisen og ind i fremtiden. Men byens unge lever fra fest til fest, narkoforbruget er stigende og da en 15-årig pige findes i koma uden for hockeyarenaen, vakler støtten til Martins projekt. Martin indser, at han må have hjælp udefra. Martins svoger, politikommisæren Tom Noack, vender hjem til Norskov for at lede narkoindsatsen på gadeplan. Men Toms følelser for ungdomskæresten Diana spøger stadig, og da hendes syttenårige søn, Oliver, kommer i politiets søgelys for narkobesiddelse, sætter det Tom i et personligt dilemma.
Afsnit 2
Casper beder Tom om hjælp til at hanke op i nevøen, Oliver, men Tom har ikke meget held med at nå ind til den vrede og ulykkelige teenager. Martins ambitiøse projekt med klimahavnen er igen i farezonen, og han er oppe imod lokale pengemænds grådighed. Tom og hans politikolleger er i gang med indsatsen mod narkoen og taler med de lokale restauratører og laver razziaer i byens natteliv. Da det viser sig, at Diana kort før sin død var sammen med en svensk narkogangster i Norskov, og at kokainen, der sendte den 15-årige pige i koma, var særlig stærk, øjner Tom en sammenhæng.
Afsnit 3
Oliver har fyldt sin lejlighed med gode venner, men tomrummet efter Dianas død kan mærkes, og tankerne om hvem, der er hans far, rumsterer. Med Caspers hjælp er Martins klimahavnsprojekt tilbage på skinner, og den vennetjeneste gengælder Martin. Personligt står Martin i et svært dilemma efter Dianas død. Han vil gerne gøre det rigtige, men frygter konsekvenserne. På stationen renses Oliver for al mistanke, og samtidig afslører Toms efterforskning, at en bekendt til den svenske narkogangster er flyttet til byen. Efter en ransagning peger noget på, at mere af den farlige kokain kan være på vej til Norskov, og Tom er overbevist om, at de er på sporet af en meget større sag end først antaget.
Afsnit 4
Tom og hans team har indledt en hemmelig efterforskning af de formodede kokainsmuglere. Samtidig er Tom, med sin viden om Martins hemmelighed, i klemme både i forhold til Oliver, som han er blevet kontaktperson for, og sin søster, Jackie. Jackie Noack, direktør for Noack Furniture, borgmesterfrue og bestyrelsesformand i Norskov White Hawks Erhvervsklub, er sin mands stærke sparringspartner i kampen for byen, men nu vakler den ellers så seje kvinde. Og da landets undervisningsminister besøger Norskov, er temperaturen mellem Jackie og Martin iskold.
Afsnit 5
Martin er en succes, klimahavnen er en realitet, og hele byen fejrer første spadestik. Jackie står ved hans side, og sandheden om Oliver har ikke skubbet hende væk, som han frygtede. Martin opsøger også Oliver og får fortalt ham sandheden, men han vil gerne holde lav profil, mens de bruger tid på at lære hinanden at kende. Tom og hans team får bevilget en måned til efterforskningen af kokainsmuglingen, og deres mål er at fælde bagmanden. De føler sig et skridt foran, indtil den ene af de mistænkte pludselig tømmer det sommerhus, hvor smuglerne har holdt til og forsvinder sporløst. Samtidig ser Tom noget han ville ønske, han ikke havde set.
Afsnit 6
Historien om, hvem der er far til Oliver, rammer avisforsiden og spænder ben for Martin og Jackies mangeårige drøm om at adoptere. Det rammer Jackie hårdt, og hun bliver nødt til at tage en pause fra sin mand. Oliver begynder at føle sig som en brik i Martins far-projekt og trækker sig også væk fra ham. Tom indvier sit team i sin nagende mistanke om, at det nok ikke er den svenske narkogangster, der er bagmanden, men en person i byen, som alle kender. Tom og teamet begynder at grave i fortiden, og det viser sig, at Toms mistanke heldigvis ikke kan passe. Indtil en enkelt oplysning peger på, at den desværre passer alt for godt.
Afsnit 7
Olivers onkel, Bonden, beslutter sig for at tage hånd om Oliver og hans fremtid. Oliver er skoletræt, og Bonden giver ham en læreplads i sit firma og arrangerer en prøvekamp for Oliver med et svensk hold. Martin bor stadig alene i villaen, og på borgmesterkontoret går det heller ikke særlig godt. Hans vision kommer igen i fare, da opfinderen af et bølgeenergianlæg, som er en af klimahavnens grundsten, fortæller, at hun vil flytte anlægget til en anden by. Martin får en weekend til at komme op med et bedre tilbud, og han ved, at den eneste, der kan hjælpe ham, er Jackie. Toms mistanke om bagmanden er rigtig, men han kan ikke få enderne til at passe.
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